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RodzajDemoscena - Demo
KomputerZX Spectrum 48K+AY
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Tekst scrollaMy computer is my castle! /To be or not to be, that is the question. /Time is money. /If You want to be a sexy, You must drink a lot of pepsi! /I think therefore I am! /Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. /Press enter to the scroll page...
Tekst scrollaSelect from 1 to 5 for change the speed of scroll Hi! My name is Mariusz (mark:MANIU). This is my first demo for Spectrum with AY. I know, I know, it's late, but better late than never. I have Timex 2048+AY+tape-recorder+black-white TV. My hardware isn't perfect, but it's nice. I dream of diskdrive, unfortunately it is only a dream. I know Basic(it's the basis), Logo(it's too slow), Pascal(excellent language! Very fast and universal. I have good implementation - Hisoft Pascal), Simple Prolog(Interesting language), and Assembler(fast,fast,fast). I write programs mainly in Assembler, but sometimes I use Pascal or Basic. I have also translators of Fortran, Lisp and C, but the two first of them are without a description, compilator of C is poor(lack of real variable). I write in Turbo Pascal on PCs, too(I haven't got PC, but I have acces to it). Procedure carpet from this demo, primordial had been written in Basic(long time ago). Now it's fast, short, but cool. Thanks to JACEK MICHALAK (for help, informations, AY and many more...) and M.J.PUCIA (for help in translating). Greetings to: I don't know whom to greet! Why? Because, I don't know who is still active on the Spectrum. Well, I send greetings to You and every person watching this demo!!! And now my theory: I have Spectrum and I think that it is a magnificent machine. But I don't think that there aren't better computers! Amiga is good, but if I bought a new computer, I wouldn't buy Amiga. I would buy PC. It's better than Amiga. PC 486+hard disk+Sound Blaster is the dream machine. But it is very expensive. That's why until now I have only Timex. Amiga is good and cheap, but it isn't computer of future(it's my opinion of course). I listen to all kinds of music: from techno(U-96 "Das boot", Leila K), through electronic music(J.M. Jarre, Marek Bilinski "Escape from tropic"), metal(a little, but always and only the weak one), polish folk(De Press), to classic music(Yes, it's true. I like Beethoven and Mozart, but only symphonies). What do You think of it? Strange blend! Additional, I read books(I like H.H.Kirst, J.R.R. Tolkien, technical books, fantastic books and many more...) If You want to exchange with me Your programs, demos, experiences, write to me! I'm waiting for Your letters!!! My adress: Mariusz Wojtysiak os.Kazimierza Wlk. 45/7 62-200 Gniezno POLAND Press enter to return to main part...

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413Ściągnij Pokaż reevolution_1.gif2402Rodzaj: Zrzut ekranu z programu
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