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Podstawowe informacje:
RodzajDemoscena - Demo
KomputerZX Spectrum 48K+AY
AutorHacker Chris
Ocenajeszcze nie oceniane
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Tekst scrollaHello You! That's me again, Hacker Chris (again? 35th time I meet You, because this is my 35th demo!) Now You're listening to the FOOTBALLER OF THE YEAR 2 rather little nice music, but I hadn't better one. Pressing 1-4 You may hear other melodys from this game! Pressing SPACE You may see real UNREAL demo effects! First I wanted to put music from DARIUS but it's WHAM so the same as SHIT! What do You think about BENN DAGLISH? Now I'm looking for person who have time to write an editor for BENN's melodys player. I know all about this player and can give source Gens text and explain all about it! So if You have a lot of time and know how to write editor for it, write me, my address You may find in loader of this demo! And now I want to say hello to some of my friends (and not only friends!) : Tali Biran (Thanks for good software, but please better melodys!) Daniel Beach (please faster exchange) Mac (When there'll be new demo from KTS?) C.o.P. (Faster finish Your part of Sokoban!) Kicia (more music please!) Fuxoft (Congtatulations on Your Tetris 2 and wonderful-the-best demos! You are the best music maker in my opinion! Please write me if possible, address You may find in loader!) Br0mba (Congratulations on You are a chief of Speccy clan in Bajtek (getting better) magazine!) and all others ... That's all for part one of UNREAL DEMO! Press SPACE to continue!
Tekst scrollaNow You're listening to F-16 fighting simulator music. Transformation on the screen has made every two degrees to be faster. What do You think about it? I hate Speccy SIN and COS algorithm! There're not good, not too exactly and shit! Besides transformation is quite good I think! Draw routine was made by Amst and I think this is the fastest Draw routine I've ever seen on Speccy. I've tried to write the faster one about two months, but without any good results, so Amst let me use his routine! Press Space to see part three of this wonderful demo!
Tekst scrollaWelcome to the third part of this wonderful demo! Now You're listening to the IMPOSSAMOLE music by Benn Daglish! I've analysed player of this kind of musics (look part one of this demo) Now I want You to read some very funny quotations from 'The funniest, most bitter-sweet book you're likely to read ever' - THE GROWING PAINS OF ADRIAN MOLE by SUE TOWNSEND!!! So #1: 'Tuesday May 4th My mother has stopped wearing a bra. Her bust looks like two poached eggs that have been cooked for too long. I wish she wouldn't wear such tight tee-shirts. It's not dignified in somebody her age (37).' #2: 'Monday May 10th I asked Pandora to show me one of her nipples but she rafused. I tried to explain that it was in the interest of widening my life experience, but she buttoned her cardigan up to the neck and went home.' #3: 'Wednesday June 30th My mother wants to move. She wants to sell the house that I have lived in all my life. She said that we will need more room 'for the baby'. How stupid can you get? Babies hardly take any space at all. They are only about twenty-one inches long.' #4: 'Sunday September 26th Read the whole of 'Sex and Reproduction' in bed last night. Woke up to find a few hundred million sperm had leaked out. Still, it will give the remaining sperm room to wag their tails about a bit.' #5: 'Friday November 12th The Russians chose their new leader today. He is called Andropov. I am a hero at school. The story has got round that I delivered the baby. The dinner lady in charge of chips gave me an extra big portion. Went to the hospital to see my female relations after school. I am staying at Pandora's house. Over supper I gave them a blow-by-blow account of the birth. Halfway through Mr Braihwaite got up and left the table.' And that's all for now! Bye! I (Hacker Chris!) have made this demo on 26 september 1990 in Skierniewice in Poland! Press Space to start demo again!

DLNazwa plikuRozmiarDodatkowe informacje
270Ściągnij unreal.tap29052Rodzaj: TAP obraz taśmy
343Ściągnij Pokaż unreal_0.gif1927Rodzaj: Obrazek ładowania
194Ściągnij Pokaż unreal_1.gif3749Rodzaj: Zrzut ekranu z programu
195Ściągnij Pokaż unreal_2.gif1887Rodzaj: Zrzut ekranu z programu
188Ściągnij Pokaż unreal_3.gif2010Rodzaj: Zrzut ekranu z programu

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