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Podstawowe informacje:
KomputerZX Spectrum 48K+AY
AutorzyWe! [grupa]
KodHacker Chris [We!]
C.o.P [We!]
GrafikaHacker Chris [We!]
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Tekst scrollaWelcome to SOKOBAN! Hacker Chris/C.o.P. Production This game is a vision of comunistic organizator of hard work! Made in Poland (It was comunistic country, but now there's rather a normal european land!!!) Hacker Chris (Me!) made this scroll, graphics, this and next page, almost all assembler routines, translated maps... C.o.P. made all 'C' routines, some assembler routines, stole CGA letters from IBM PC! C.o.P. is my friend, we both establish our team called *WE* ! We've written this game without any licence. Original game was diffuded by Spectrum Holo-Byte for IBM PC. We was very angry that there's no Sokoban for our wonderful Speccy machines and we was bent on doing it! Effect of our work You may see pressing 'S' key. Pressing 'Q' key You may see the name of the author of this computer and date of building it. During the game You may use CAPS+1 to restar current level of game, CAPS+2 to switch sound ON/OFF, CAPS+3 to switch music (128) ON/OFF, CAPS+0 to break game... We've been using 'C' compiler and Gens 3M2 to write this program, Art Studio to make gfx, IBM PC original game to make maps and CGA letters to write texts. ...and IBM PC and two ZX Spectrum computers as a hardware for above mentioned software! There're 53 maps translated from IBM PC and 2 made by C.o.P. Try to finish 55 contented here! Now I (still Chris is writing this text) want to say some words to my friends. Hello: Mac (Congratulations on Katharsis Mega Demo! It's lovely!), Tali Biran (Thanks for fine games!), Agent-X (Thanks for marvellous music for SOKOBAN!!!), Bzzzzyk (Your Soundtracker is the best Speccy music software, as You may hear this music now!), Br0mba (You are very hard to catch!), Amst&Kmst (Your Film Maker 48,128 is a graphic Speccy Mega HIT!!!), Lord Insanity (I know that You've Sam Coupe now! Is this a good next-Speccy computer?!), Fuxoft (Your Tetris 2 is the real Mega Hit!), Danny Beach (Keep on sending good software!), Kassoft (What about the fastest Draw routine?), Rajsoft (Buy a 128 kb as fast as possible!!!), Wise-man (Make TOS better than the best!!!), Cat-man (How are You?), Bill Gilbert (What about new flat and a child?), Kicia (Could You print this introduction at last!?!), and all my other friends I've forgotten... Now enjoy the game and don't forgot to go to sleep...

DLNazwa plikuRozmiarDodatkowe informacje
330Ściągnij sokoban.tap31473Rodzaj: TAP obraz taśmy
575Ściągnij Pokaż sokoban_0.gif6228Rodzaj: Obrazek ładowania
223Ściągnij Pokaż sokoban_1.gif4306Rodzaj: Zrzut ekranu z programu
221Ściągnij Pokaż sokoban_2.gif3450Rodzaj: Zrzut ekranu z programu

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