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We are extremely proud to invite everyone to the third edition of the Speccy.pl Party – the event for all followers and admirers of ZX Spectrum, aiming to integrate ZX Spectrum users. Of course, you do not need to own ZX Spectrum to visit Speccy.pl Party - just a bit of will, curiosity or idea for your own creation working on one of the Spectrum models.

Date and time Speccy.pl Party 2018.1

The most important events and attractions, demoscene competition:


All presentations will be in Polish.


Koszulki z pikseli / pixel art, t-shirty

There is no decent party without special shirts! The party and t-shirt logo was designed by the renowned demoscene graphic artist Slayer / Ghostown ^ speccy.pl. You will not be at the party but you want to have a T-shirt? It is very simple - choose design and size that suits you and buy it! Especially for Speccy.pl Party - you can buy them without any commission, only at the cost of production. To buy a T-shirt, click on the picture below

Pixel Arts Shop

Demoscene competitions


Do you want to participate in the demoscene part that will take place after closing time of the Pixel's Market, that is after 18:00? Register! Thanks to this you will be able to vote for all presented work! Site for registration is here

Terms and conditions of competition

Competitions are available on the following compo machines:

Rules for ZX Spectrum Demo category

Rules for ZX Spectrum Intro 4KB category

Rules for ZX Spectrum Music category

Rules for ZX Spectrum Graphics category

Rules for ZX Spectrum Game category

Rules for Wild category

In this category we accept the following:


We are extremely grateful to our sponsors!

From an anonymous sponsor we received below awards:
Z80 UIDE dla ZX Spectrum 128 +3
Z80 8-bit UIDE - IDE controller for ZX Spectrum 128 +2A/B & +3

ZX Taper
ZX Taper - utool that allows you to feel the real tape loading.

tooloudtoowide dedicated the following awards:
IF2 Cart
Cart to Interface 2 with the content loaded by its author, that includes, among other items, a diagnostic ROM.

The Little Book of ZX Spectrum Games
Book of games - The Little Book of ZX Spectrum Games written by Chris Wilkins

Joy Tester
SJS1 Joy Tester (Sinclair Joystick for ZX Spectrum 128 +2 and+3) that is also and adapter for manipulators compatible with the Atari standard.

Gal Anonim dedicated the following awards:
Flash Card IF2
Two units of Flash Card to Interface2, wherein you can load your soft, designed for this device ;-)

martin381 founded following awards:

1. Dandanator Mini with set of games and diagnostic software.
2. 1x RGB cable for ZX Spectrum 128 (tostrack). Can be usable also with ZX Spectrum 128 +2 (grey).
3. 2 x RGB cable for ZX Spectrum +3, +2A or +2B.
4. KOMPUTER - special edition "Tajniki ZX Spectrum"
5. FDD 3.5" for ZX Spectrum 128 +3


ZX Spectrum Demo

01. {404 pts} THX ZX! by Resistance & RKLE Team [Download]


02. {361 pts} Slideshow by Monster / GDC [Download]


03. {270 pts} Riverwash 2018 invitro by Riverwash Team [Download]

Riverwash 2018 invitro

ZX Spectrum Intro 4kB

01. {398 pts} Pyramid's Cube by Dalthon / Joker [Download]

Pyramids Cube

02. {342 pts} GDC!4Kb by Monster / GDC [Download]


03. {177 pts} dawaj swierzaka! by tooloudtoowide [Download]

dawaj swierzaka!

ZX Spectrum Music

01. {294 pts} Send To Far Away by EA / Antares [Download]

02. {265 pts} At The Last Minute by Catman / speccy.pl [Download]

03. {259 pts} Jasmine by MotionRide [Download]

04. {244 pts} Amber Potion by Voyager / speccy.pl [Download]

ZX Spectrum Game

01. {378 pts} Gem Slider by Monster / GDC [Download]

Gem Slider

02. {306 pts} FRO by dox / DC-S [Download]


ZX Spectrum Graphics

01. {411 pts} xenoform by Piesiu / speccy.pl [Download]


02. {387 pts} Let Me Dream by DKL / Ghostown ^ speccy.pl [Download]

Let Me Dream

03. {377 pts} Birdbrain by atom / speccy.pl [Download]


04. {370 pts} Rainbow Cat by Catman / speccy.pl [Download]

Rainbow Cat

05. {366 pts} Springtime by Slayer / Ghostown ^ speccy.pl [Download]


06. {324 pts} In Glitch We Trust by Slayer / Ghostown ^ speccy.pl [Download]

In Glitch We Trust

07. {323 pts} Puppy by Ziutek / ESI ^ speccy.pl [Download]


08. {320 pts} Out There by Pan Nexus [Download]

Out There

09. {314 pts} Funky Robot by MotionRide [Download]

Funky Robot

10. {311 pts} Data Sapiens by Pan Nexus [Download]

Data Sapiens

11. {277 pts} Happy Boy by Rogal / Pixel Nation [Download]

Happy Boy

12. {273 pts} Bad Dreams by kya / lamers [Download]

Bad Dreams

13. {272 pts} Wannaplay by tooloudtoowide [Download]


14. {270 pts} 2001 anniversary by ZX Freeq [Download]

2001 anniversary

15. {224 pts} Cybermind by Monster / GDC [Download]


16. {144 pts} Rainbow Dragon by Monster / GDC [Download]

Rainbow Dragon


01. {426 pts} HighColor (Sam Coupe) by speccy.pl [Download]

Rainbow Dragon

02. {395 pts} Spectrominacja VOL1 (video) by PixelNation [Download]

03. {302 pts} AmiParty invitation (Amiga) by Crap Team [Download]

04. {293 pts} SirClive by Monster / GDC [Download]

05. {286 pts} Antarctica (stream music) by Dakti [Download]

06. {265 pts} Overlay (ZX128) by Abrimaal [Download]

07. {257 pts} Overlay bonus (ZX48) by Abrimaal [Download]

08. {250 pts} Androids Do Dream by Monster / GDC [Download]

09. {176 pts} memory transfer: knight lore by chicadii [Download]

10. {164 pts} memory transfer: the way of the exploading fist by chicadii [Download]

Demoscene rules 'Changelog':

* correction for minimal loader for intro: added CLEAR address.

* change word 'Graphic' to 'Graphics'

* initial version
© Speccy.pl Party Team 2018